At SRS, we believe that our workers are our most valuable assets, and that the people we hirenow will shape our future. For this reason, we have carefully crafted our rules and processes and methodically implemented them in order to provide our staff with greater levels of comfort and advancement.

Working at SRS

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with teams applying their knowledge and creativity to develop new marketing tactics every day. We focus not just on work but also on the overall development of our employees’ personalities. We accomplish this by holding frequent leisure programmes that offer them with complete job satisfaction and social harmony.

Methodology of Induction

Our staff are a valuable addition to our organisation, and we value both newcomers and seasoned professionals. With so many chances for growth in our firm, we want to make sure we hire the best people. To accomplish so, we use the following well-defined recruitment process:

  • Application

Our website is updated on a regular basis with information about current job openings at our organisation. Candidates must apply for a position that matches their profile and for which they are best qualified.

  • Written Exam

This is the first round, often known as the short list round. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to think creatively and innovatively.

  • Discussion in a Group

After passing the written exam, the candidate must participate in a group discussion (G.D.).

  • Interview with Human Resources Department

Following the G.D., the candidates have a face-to-face interview with the H.R., following which he/she is chosen.

The organisation offers both seasoned professionals and recent graduates the opportunity to pursue a successful career in a variety of sectors. Before being given individual projects, each of our employees is trained and given assignments and other obligations. Furthermore, the organisation gives its employees with performance-based/timely appraisals.

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