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Distribution Network Placement

Wholesalers, resellers, retailers, and agents already have the resources and relationships to quickly bring your product to market. We would help you sell to through these groups instead of selling direct, treat the entire channel as a group of customers – and they are since they’re buying your product and reselling it.

Modern Trade Placement

In-store product placement is an essential part of being successful in the CPG and retail industry. Effective in-store product placement will boost brand recognition and maximize sales. We can help you with it.

Online Portal Placement

Now, more than ever before, increasing digital exposure and selling your products in multiple marketplaces is crucial. Developed specifically for manufacturers, we can help accelerate your digital growth by getting data-rich products out to multiple channels, quickly and accurately.

Trade Marketing Management

Everyone knows about consumer marketing, but how are those companies getting those products in front of consumers in the first place? This is where trade marketing comes in. Shree Rani Sati Group will help you with Trade marketing managers as the first line of sales, making products appealing to the distributors, brokers, and retailers in charge of selling them to consumers.

CFA Operations

Having warehousing space of more than 2 lac sq. feet at various places across India, we are well structured and equipped to manage massive CFA operations for the companies from time to time. Our experienced manpower and infrastructure facilities helps companies to manage their product supply below the line cost effectively.

Brand Development

For startup and new companies to Indian market, we assist them in developing their brand from scratch. Our team of people design the correct go to market strategy for the particular product and look after the implementation of the same. the new company has immediately access to our network of already build supply chain and distribution system.

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We understand Distribution & Trading, it is in our DNA. An experience of more than three decades and three generations in business we have created infrastructure and network in India, that enables the Brands to increase their footprint across the length & breadth of India.