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We have a rich industry experience with more than 35 years. Shree Rani Sati group is well recognised in the field of marketing, distribution and supply chain management. Power distribution services cover where its product category spread across Pan India. Few product categories that we specialize into include FMCG, food and beverages, healthcare product, consumer goods, consumer electronics and home appliances, telecom mobile handset, value-added electronic and telecom accessories.


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We understand Distribution and Trading, it is in our DNA. An experience of more than three decades and three generations in business we have created infrastructure and network in India, that enables the Brands to increase their footprint across the length and breadth of India. We can help you with

Our Core Team

Rohit Tekriwal

Director of Marketing

Rohit Tekriwal, an IMBA from Amity University in Marketing. He was born with a brilliant mind, natural capacity to connect with others, and an unquenchable desire to succeed. For more than 15 years, he has been at the forefront of “first of its kind” initiatives that have boosted revenue, brand awareness, and market expansion for luxury companies in the FMCG and electronics sectors. Rohit enjoys reading and writing, and he is particularly interested in entrepreneurship and leadership. In this attitude, he has been active in the start-up ecosystem and enjoys mentoring and assisting start-up entrepreneurs on their growth path.

Ashutosh Tekriwal

Director of Business Development

Ashutosh Tekriwal, a University of Delhi alumnus and entrepreneur, has experienced the best of both worlds. He earned his MBA in Marketing from Amity University. Ashutosh’s knowledge and experience in brand building, market segmentation, and growth strategy have earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s respected figures, and his passion for growth and innovation in ideas has rewarded our company with some remarkable figures in recent years.

Shashank Tekriwal

Director of Operations

Shashank Tekriwal, one of the youngest, leads by example and serves as an inspiration to many newcomers. He earned his MBA in Marketing from Amity University. He is full of energy and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Shashank uses his exceptional planning and development skills to collaborate closely with employees and management to establish long-term operational strategies that assist the organisation achieve its goals. Shashank is an athlete who spends his free time playing lawn tennis.

Key Customers

Brands Association


Having Shree Rani Sati group as the channel partners for modern trade is an advantage. Their understanding of the business and the channel makes life easy for our teams. Which Shree Rani Sati at the helm of things we can be confident at modern trade outlets shelves will never run short of Haldiram products.
The young brigade’s enthusiasm is deep rooted into the experience of founding management and that gives Shree Rani Sati an edge. That was one of the reasons that we had to choose them for distribution of our range. A brilliant combination of experience capacity and vision for the future.
Dr Ortho
Shree Rani Sati team has been instrumental in supporting the market development data mobile phone company would expect from CFA. They understand the dynamics of handset market and have played a very important role in placement of Lava mobiles in the market.
Lava Mobiles
Shree Rani Sati has been distributing our range of products for the last 18 years. They have been exceptional in their services and have ensure that supplies are consistent. Dealers are also satisfied with their service.
We are happy that Shree Rani Sati group is our partner for distribution the team is smart and always willing to support and service that trade what more one needs for efficient supply chain management.


In the spirit and intention of reaching out, Shree Rani Sati Group has always made themselves available for social awareness programs and activities initiated by Government and Non Government Agencies.
Special emphasis is on Education of Girl Child and Computer Literacy for school going children from underpriviledged families As a part of the process, Shree Rani Sati group enrolls their team and staff in the programs so that the efficacy of the campaign is maintained

Mangalam Sewa Trust

We have also started with Mangalam Sewa Trust to help the under privilaged strata of society on various fronts like